The Climate Days consist in a 2-days 'open' conference and a one-day 'internal' Enabel event, aiming at mainstreaming the climate dimension into actions targeting inclusive economic development of secondary cities and their hinterland by means of exchanging best practices, lessons learned, innovative approaches, etc...

The objectives of the conference are twofold:

  • Fostering ideas and exchange between stakeholders having various perspectives: North/South; global/local; public/private/academia/NGO/CSO ; strategic/finance/sectorial
  • Improving collaboration between stakeholders involved in climate action.

The first day of the conference is about climate mainstreaming. After a global overview of what is at stake for both climate and secondary cities, a discussion will follow on the vertical dialogue from the global level –where the agenda is set– to the local one –where it is implemented, emphasizing on the respective needs (data, resources, etc.) and their fulfilling.
The audience will then be split in four subgroups addressing various sectorial approaches:

  1. urban planning
  2. circular economy and waste management
  3. links between urban areas and their rural hinterland
  4. water management

The second day will be devoted to financing and non financing instruments. Although public funding will not be sufficient to cover all the financial needs, it can catalyse private support flows through blending and risk-sharing. Various innovative financial instruments will be presented, as well as networks and partnerships enhancing the capabilities of secondary cities.
Whether providing technical assistance or implementing projects, companies will also be present.
Finally, a round table gathering various Belgian public stakeholders will enable them to take advantage of the various solutions presented and explore new opportunities of collaboration.

The third day, organized in 3 parallel sessions, will focus on the concrete implementation of the recommendations of the conference into the strategies and portfolios of the development programs under preparation in Mozambique, Rwanda and Senegal.
This half-day event is meant for the Enabel staff, its partners coming from the field and representatives of agencies relevant for the preparation of these programs. Regarding the agenda, the day will start with an overview of the climatic vulnerabilities and policies for each of the three countries.
These presentations will be given by the Climate Change Department of the Belgian Ministry of Health & Environment.
The Resident Representatives of each country will then expose the current status of the development program.
Finally, the integration of climate change in the programs will be discussed in a workshop gathering Enabel staff, representatives of the three partner countries and members of Belgian public institutions involved in development issues.

The detailed programme

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